About AIMS

Bringing Modern Marketing to the Last Frontier

It all started in Silicon Valley.

Jennifer Christensen was on the plane back to Alaska after visiting both Google and Facebook headquarters. Her trip had been the product of a few connections and some Disney-like excitement and curiosity about seeing the famed epicenters of modern-day internet for herself. On the trip home, at 40,000 feet, the idea struck: “We have got to find a way to bring this level of inbound expertise to Alaska,” she thought. Later that week, Jenn shared her vision with her business partner and friend, Adrienne Wilkerson. Adrienne agreed that it was time to bring modern marketing to The Last Frontier.

The first two years of AIMS were outstanding. In 2015, Jennifer and Adrienne partnered with Toast of the Town to create a high-tech experience that had San Francisco-ian corporate finesse. The second year, they brought Jess Muller on board to captain the ship and put on yet another world-class event. Droves of business owners, marketing professionals and more came out to hear the likes of Marcus Sheridan in 2015 and Jay Baer in 2016. Both years AIMS was the #1 trending topic on Twitter in Alaska during the day of the conference. The amount of positive feedback was overwhelming. But something was missing.

Alaskans were saying: “Okay, I understand inbound, but now what?” Although the 10,000-foot view of the conference had been inspiring, they wanted the nitty-gritty. “How do I implement these strategies in my business, in my industry, in Alaska?”

Back in 2013, Adrienne had a vision too, a way to provide down-to-earth inbound education geared toward Alaska business professionals of all industries. Her brainchild, Beacon Marketing Academy quickly popularized on a local level, attracting a roomful each week for classes taught by local experts. When AIMS needed to pivot, Adrienne knew exactly what to do: “We’ve always been better together,” she told Jenn, “What if we merged our visions?”

AIMS 2018 is just that, the merger of two big, audacious ideas!

Join us as we explore National-level inbound marketing for local, Alaska business. We want to provide you with tools that you can implement immediately. That’s why we’re offering events geared toward a specific industry or stage of company growth. We hope that you can find an event for you!